Matthew Beale here. If we met online, you may know me as @mixonic.

You can reach me at or via LinkedIn. I was once quite active as @mixonic on Twitter.

I’m currently a Director of Engineering at Addepar where I manage our frontend product platform.

I’m an Ember.js Framework Core Team member and Steering Committee member. At work and at home, I try to build a better web for all of us.

Work Experience

Additionally, I’ve been an independent consultant for To Be, Artsy, Betaworks, Change Healthcare, and several others.

Open Source and other projects

  • Ember.js, where I am a member of the Framework Core Team and Steering Commitee. I’ve contributed significantly to several major release cycles and features, have spoken regularly at community conferences, ran the NYC meetup, and wrote ~40 blog posts on the community website (plus dozens more elsewhere).
  • Ember Community Survey, a project I created and ran from 2015 through 2020 to canvas the Ember.js user community.
  • Ember Table (and several dependencies), a library I maintained at Addepar for high-performance large table rendering
  • Mobiledoc, A WYSIWYG editor SDK and file format for authoring rich content
  • Torii, authorization & authentication APIs for Ember.js apps
  • Developing an Ember.js Edge, a book on Ember.js I authored and edited in 2014
  • loadImage, a small JavaScript library providing a reliable callback after an image is loaded
  • Spinto, launched in April 2012, helping developers and content editors work together
  • Barron, a resource locking API for Ruby and the command-line
  • Give for Music, where we raised over $1000 to fight drought in Africa
  • Thebes, a Spinx config generator for Rails
  • RankedModel, a row sorting library built for Rails 3+ on ARel
  • PushpinWeb won a prize at the first NYC BigApps competition
  • Liquidware, and several other commerce sites for them as a co-founder
  • ShardTheLove, a database sharding library we used in production at Give Real
  • Scenestr, a now defunct tour mapping site scraping MySpace
  • Tables on Cows, a popular and fast MooTools table sorting library
  • OpenEMR, a popular Open Source medical records application still active in 2023. Initially authored in 1999 as part of our high school “startup” Synitech.

I’ve contributed to many other projects, most notably Ember.js, Ember-Data, SeedFu, Chosen, Mercury, Facebooker.

About one million years ago, I attended Ithaca College to earn a degree in music and recording, then worked in mastering. For a time, I also wrote reviews for Southeast Performer Magazine.

I’ve lived in Connecticut, Ithaca, Nashville, Brooklyn, Grenada, Berlin, Montreal, and Santa Barbara. I now reside in Westchester, NY with my wonderful family.

Increadibly, I’m still on Flickr.