Ember Community Survey - 2015 Preview

Wow! This takes me back! Please check the date this post was authored, as it may no longer be relevant in a modern context.

Update: We’re happy to announce that results of the 2015 survey are available!

Say hello to Brian Runnells (@climbingnarc). Brian is an Ember developer working with my consulting company 201 Created on a new project over February and March. He leads a double life as developer and rock climbing blogger. We’re lucky to be working with him, and happy to have him introduce the Ember Community Survey. -Matt

Who is currently developing applications with Ember.js?

What tools are those developers using to build their apps?

What kind of apps are they building?

2015 is an incredible time to be an Ember.js developer. Not only does the framework continue to gain momentum, but there are many features on the horizon. With this, however, comes many questions, like those above. So, when 201 Created began seeking people to help construct a survey for Ember developers, I was excited to take advantage of that opportunity.

Together, we have created a number of questions related to both your personal use of and professional work with Ember. Our goal is to ask the necessary questions about how and why developers are using Ember in order to better inform both the the community at large and the Ember Core Team. These responses will allow us to identify what is going well, where more work needs to be done, and what directions our community is moving in.

As the goal is to have results compiled by March’s EmberConf (tickets are sold out, but hope to see you there!), this survey will be finalized and put out for responses in early February. At this time, we are looking for any feedback you may have regarding the topics and questions we have produced thus far.

Find the survey questions here and share your feedback as a comment. Google provides some documentation about commenting that is good to review if you haven’t used the feature before. You can also contact us directly via survey@201-created.com.

By Brian Runnells